Plain language writing and editing

Pick the winning sentence:

  1. Obfuscation of the message stemming from the over-use of jargon; bad punctuation and/or grammar is both endemic and epidemic, fully responsible for a plethora of issues ranging from automotive recalls to aerospace disasters, including (but not limited to) the General Motors ignition switch recall to the Challenger disaster.
  2. Clarity is the key to communication.

Plain language has never been more important. We have extensive experience in plain language writing and editing. We have worked on a variety of projects in diverse fields. Enhanced communication is always the goal.

For example, the Ontario Family Responsibility Office, which enforces and collects support payments, was having serious communication problems with its diverse client base. We rewrote more than 60 separate form letters on complex legal topics in a clear, readable style. The result was improved comprehension, and increased compliance.

The Ministry of Education hired us to rewrite the Early Learning Framework policy for a website for child care providers. Written especially for this distinct audience, the copy explained complex pedagogical concepts in an accessible, reader-friendly style.

We have also provided research, writing and plain language editing services to the Toronto Central Community Care Access Centre. Projects include academic papers on palliative care, client engagement, ethics, and integrated community care programs. The common goal is making complex information comprehensible for a wide audience.

We have co-written and edited several high-level reports for government and government  agencies, including: