Content strategy consulting

No matter what your business, efficient communication is crucial to your success. We help you to plan a strategy for your content, aligning it with your business requirements and your users’ needs. Whether you’re launching a new product, redoing your website, or rolling out an employee outreach program, content is at the core of your project and content strategy is the place to start.

Content strategy is about planning for good content

Good content can give your company a competitive edge. It helps people to understand your products and services, and explains how to use them. Good content can encourage people to purchase your products and services, and post-sales, it can reduce your support costs.

We take you beyond strategy

We help you to make a plan for your content, but we don’t stop there. We take you beyond strategy, working with you to define processes for effective communication at all phases of the content life cycle. Good content doesn’t just happen. You need to plan for it, then implement your plan.

We consider all of the content that affects your users and reflects on your organization— not just your web content—and all of the processes to develop and maintain it. Our content strategy consulting services take you from assessment to planning to implementation. We’ll also provide training and guidelines to help you keep your content strategy on the right track.

Content analysis & usability assessment

For us, it’s always content first. When it comes to content analysis, we examine your content in relation to your goals and your users’ needs. Based on our analysis, we recommend ways for you to improve, unify, and manage your content so it benefits both you and your users.

We start by assessing your content’s current state. We analyze your content to see how it is currently written, used, reused, and delivered to its various audiences. Once you understand what’s going on with your content, you can decide how best to fix it.

We make sure your content works for you and your users

Content analysis is critical in helping you to understand how your content currently serves your business and your users. We look at your content objectively so we can provide the best advice on how to improve it. We also focus on what your users need to know, or be able to do, and make sure your content supports their needs.

Content management & content reuse consulting

From analysis to implementation, we make content the focus of your content management project. While content management technologies can help businesses manage their content, a content management system is only as good as the content it manages. We begin with a thorough analysis of the content, the content users’ needs, and your current processes to create and manage content.

Based on our analysis, we help to prepare content for content management, defining new structures and processes as required. We work closely with technology implementers to ensure the technology and the content work together to form a complete content management strategy.

Content reuse helps you to maximize your investment in content

Creating, delivering, updating, and tracking all of your content poses a huge challenge—getting content out to the right people at the right time, and ensuring that similar content is consistent wherever it is used. When you reuse content instead of rewriting it or replicating it, you eliminate duplications and save time (and money) spent creating, and recreating the same content over and over again.

Whether you are moving your content to a CMS now or later, or not at all, we can help you to form a content reuse strategy, helping you to maximize your investment in content. Our content reuse strategies are technology-independent, based on the tools you’re currently using or plan to use.

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